Moving forward

Having worked at SMYRC for over a year and a half now, I’ve noticed a very interesting trend, both there and among people I meet at various graduate programs around the city: young, early-twentysomething, seemingly middle-class, very pretty, very sorority-looking girls are very, very interested in gay and transgender issues. And they’re not just interested: they’re advocates who volunteer, counsel, work in the community, organize, and teach about gay and trans issues. Especially trans issues. It’s really fascinating.

These are the people who started GSA’s at their high schools, and organized rallies and meetings and advocacy groups at their undergraduate institutions (even at University of Portland, which is a Holy Cross school, and extremely conservative), and have taken it upon themselves to be educated, aware and advocates. And not a single one that I’ve met has actually self-identified as queer in any way. They all seem as hetero as can be.

I’m certainly not complaining, I think it’s awesome and amazing. These are the people we really need on our side going forward. I just think it’s really interesting. And they’re all super nice. At least all the ones I’ve met and talked to.


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