The year of moving on

I stole this from Kat, who stole it from Ama, but I love it, so I’m putting it on my blog too.

As anyone who has known me for any length of time knows, this has not been my MO previously. I would obsess, focus, analyze, regret, pound my fists on the floor until they were bloody trying to change reality and “make sense” of everything.

Fuck that.

I’ve learned to move on, let go, let things be. Finally. In class the other night, we got into a discussion about the difference between “pain” and “suffering,” and while I’m still not totally sure what the inherent difference is, my professor was pushing the point that, essentially, as the bumper sticker goes, pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Suffering is the denial of pain. Suffering is the act of trying to get rid of pain that clearly exists. Or something.

It was a nice conversation, though I was still left a little unsure about it. But I see what he was getting at, even if I might not totally agree.

But I digress. I like the sentiment above.


One response to “The year of moving on

  1. YAY!

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