Overall, things are going really well at my practicum site, except for one minor hitch: MY CLIENTS NEVER SHOW UP!!! I try not to take it personally, or to get too jaded about it, but I’m starting to. Which sucks for a variety of reasons, not least because I have to get a certain amount of client contact hours to graduate from school….

But with the clients that do come regularly, I feel like I’m doing really good work with them. Which helps me to not make it personal. I’m especially bummed today because I got a new client last week that I was super excited about. Just the type of client I’ve been wanting. So I did all kinds of research throughout the week about what I think their diagnosis is, then did research on diagnostic tools and tests to use when they come in to help solidify my hypothesis, and then I researched solutions and ways we can work together to get the best results. Of course they didn’t show up today. Which is not to say they won’t show up next week, but they’re not here now, which is a serious bummer. (Of course, I’m supposed to do all those things with every client, but this is the first time I’ve really done all that stuff independently, sans my supervisor helping me.

I did, however, have a really great appointment with a 9th grader this morning at their school. Awhile back, I wrote about not feeling especially “grown up,” and what that even meant. Well, I’ll tell you, walking into a high school under the guise of being a mental health “expert,” meeting with a kid in the nurse’s office, then talking briefly with the nurse will make one feel “grown up.” (Honestly, even walking the halls of a high school wearing my Cascadia badge made me feel miles from that world, in a good way; it was kind of surreal.)

So I’ll take the good with the bad, and hope my other client shows up next week, and doesn’t become just another in a long line of clients that are notoriously unreliable. I guess that’s just community health care.


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