I had that cassingle #2 (and 3)!

When I was a little kid, one of my very favorite things to do was put on “concerts” where I would basically construct a “set list” of anywhere from 13-20 songs (including an encore) that I would compile into a mix tape and play, and then pretend that I was a performer giving a concert. These songs would be a mix of genders, but for the most part they were all songs by female artists. Yeah, George Michael would find his way in there somewhere, along with a ballad by White Lion or something. Sometimes my friend Jennifer would come over and we would pretend to be a singing duo group and sometimes fight over which songs we each got to perform at our concerts.*

But two of my very favorite songs to perform also happened to be two of my first cassingles, “Rush Hour” by Jane Wiedlin, and “Summer Rain” by Belinda Carlisle. Little did I know at the time that they both came from the Go-Go’s, which I only knew because of “Our Lips Are Sealed” anyway (my Go-Go’s obsession came much later in life). My favorite things about the Jane Wiedlin video are the dolphins she’s riding, and how she’s wearing a guitar but there’s no guitar in the song. And why is Belinda Carlisle wearing that big frumpy dress that makes her look like an eccentric art teacher at a rural elementary school?

Embedding Belinda Carlisle has been disabled by request.

*Yes, I was really fucking gay, get over it.


2 responses to “I had that cassingle #2 (and 3)!

  1. i LOVED “rush hour” but when i got nostalgic and wanted to hear it again i couldn’t remember the name of the singer or any of the words except the chorus lines, “you caught me in the rush hour, ooh you send me.” and i had a distinct memory of a bright blue screen with fish swimming by. no one knew what i was talking about when i asked if they remembered the song, and then youtube came along, and after like five years of futile searching, someone finally uploaded the video. i got chills watching it again; it was just as heavenly as i remembered.

    now i am trying to solve two other video mysteries– do you remember the song by another jane (i think) who had dreads and a chain going from her earring to her nose? it was a great one-hit wonder but i can’t remember a word, a tune, or a name. sad.

    also, was there an mj video or mtv ad in which he is flying in a cartoony plane a la snoopy’s red baron, and he’s wearing aviator goggles and singing?

  2. Despite that I have already responded to you via email, I still want everyone else to know I know the answers to your inquiry, so I’m putting them here, to prove how truly full of useless knowledge I am:

    Jane Child, “Don’t Want to Fall in Love,” and the MJ video is “Leave Me Alone,” I believe off the BAD album. 🙂

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