In approximately 9 hours from now I will be boarding a plane for my beloved Austin, but better yet, approximately 6 hours after that, I will begin hugging, kissing and loving on my beloved Austin Friends. Including this guy!

This morning I had my second of three practicum interviews. On Monday I interviewed at the YWCA, and this morning at this clinic called The William Temple House. I was a bit indifferent about the second site, but after the interview this morning I got really jazzed about it. The director of the clinic was really awesome, and I enjoyed her philosophy and talking to her a lot. The YWCA interview went extremely well too. I left both interviews finally understanding what it’s like to interview for a job you actually want, instead of interviewing at a place that fills you with dread and despair the moment you walk in the door, which has pretty much been my job interviewing experience across the board thus far.

Portland remains, for the most part, very sunny and (mostly) dry, but cold. I hear it’s supposed to be 87 in The ATX tomorrow. Yowzers. I’m excited about Curra’s, Red House, the Volk House, and Rest Stop 2 in all its Blu-Ray glory.


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