Scream without raising your voice

I hate Valentine’s Day. Everyone who knows me knows this. It’s not because I’m bitter; I hate it even when I’m happily in a contented relationship. I hate it because it’s obligatory. I hate it because I can do lovely things for My Loved One all year long, but if I don’t do something special on this one stupid invented day, everyone thinks I’m an asshole. Which maybe I am. Tomorrow Tom and I are taking a little road trip to Astoria, on the coast, to walk on the beach, and explore the little shops and cafes of the historic downtown, and see The Goonies house. It’s less than a 2-hour drive. But it’s not for Valentine’s Day. It’s just because I don’t have to work this weekend, and also have no other obligations, or meetings, or crazy tests next week. But maybe we’ll say “Happy Valentine’s Day” to each other. Yesterday Tom’s mother sent us a care package of 2 loaves of freshly baked bread and 4 bags of cookies (2 bags of Snickerdoodles and 2 bags of chocolate chips). Her bread and cookies are wonderful. Next time I see Tom’s mom (which will really be the first time, since I’ve never met her) I’m gonna totally make out with her.

As of last week, I am officially a Boxer Ambassador to Pacific University. Which is a glorified way of saying I now do a bunch of free work for the Admissions Committee, like calling prospective students and trying to talk them into coming here if they’re interested, or on the fence, or ambivalent, or thinking about that other school across town. Then on “interview day,” I’m going to be in charge of 6 or 7 applicants and showing them around our downtown campus, showing them the neighborhood, taking them to lunch, and sitting on a student panel for all interviewees to come to. I’m also going to start sitting in on faculty meetings here and there as a Student Association Representative. Which I’m very excited about. I think it will be fascinating.

Only 2 weeks until Austin!!!


One response to “Scream without raising your voice

  1. so sad you guys are going to austin this month instead of march when we’ll be there. i can’t stand the thought of being in austin without you.

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