It figures

Portland’s openly gay mayor, Sam Adams, who was sworn in barely two weeks ago, has already admitted he had an affair with a teenage intern back in 2005. Apparently, during his mayoral campaign last fall, when the issue was first raised, he had this to say about it:

“I’m not going to go down without a fight because this is not true,” Adams said in September 2007. “This is one of the worst smears you can make against a gay guy. It preys on the homophobic stereotype that gay men cannot be trusted with young people.”

The mayor published an open letter to Portlanders in 2007 denying the charges and calling them “smear tactics.”

It’s unclear, apparently, why Adams decided today to publically acknowledge the relationship and apologize, but he did (probably because he was being blackmailed, most likely).

Way to represent, Adams. You douche. It’s not like it’s unusual for politicians to have affairs with interns, babysitters, secretaries, whatever, but the sad truth of the matter is that Adams is gay, and he’s being held to a higher standard. It’s disappointing when anyone you look up to in a position of power (thanks a lot, John Edwards, you douche) is found to be, well, a douche, but when it’s someone that, through circumstance or creation, has more to prove than your average person, I guess it’s doubly disappointing. I don’t think Adams should be held to a higher standard than a heterosexual person would be, but he is. Already there is talk of his resignation.

Anyone of his age who engages in that type of relationship (even though he professes nothing happened until the guy was eighteen) with someone that much younger, and in a position of service, is predatory. It’s an abuse of power. And to now see his examplary long-term relationship with his boyfriend as a fraud is depressing.

And it’s a staggering disappointment. Adams was met with great resistance, even here in the liberal oasis of Portland, and to prove his critics right, well, nothing can compensate for that, even if his critics are still wrong.

Sam Adams. What a douche.



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