Last day to vote for Change

Today is the last day to vote for your Top Ten ideas on Supposedly the top 10 ideas out of the 35 or 40 they have listed will be sent to President Obama and he’ll take them seriously. We’ll see.

The 10 ideas I voted for are as follows, with their current ranking in parenthesis:

* Legalize the Medicinal and Recreational Use of Marijuana (1st Place)
* Free Single Payer Health Care (3rd Place)
* Make the grid green in 10 years (5th Place)
* Pass Marriage Equality Rights for LGBT Couples Nationwide (8th Place)
* Develop & Implement a National Strategy for Sustainability (10th Place)
* Forgive Student Loans: Stimulate the Middle and Lower Middle Class (11th Place)
* Solve The Credit Crisis From The Bottom Up Through Social Lending (15th Place)
* ReBuild and RePower America with a Green Stimulus Package. (17th Place)
* Close Guantanamo prison camp (35th Place)
* High Speed Rail Trains to Cut Emissions, Cost of Travel and Create Jobs (36th Place)

Although I really don’t remember voting for the legalization of marijuana, and the fact that it’s at #1 makes me doubt how seriously any of this will be taken.

So yeah, posting has been light lately. I’ve been busy busy, and not terribly inspired to write. I think school will be really challenging but fun this semester. We’re actually already into application classes, so it’s just become infinitely more interesting. I’m taking Psychoactive Substances (all about drugs and addiction, and what addictions look like, and what treatments have some proven efficacy); Assessment of Individuals (all about how to do intake interviews. I thought I was going to hate this class, but I think it might end up being my favorite. Plus I could listen to the professor talk all day long); Theories of Counseling (all about counseling through the ages and the different people and theories that have influenced it); and Group Dynamics (which is about both group psychology and how to run a group therapy session).

Portland has been lovely. It’s even been sunny almost every day. Tom and I have gone up to Mt. Tabor the last 2 days to take walks in the mornings. It’s a volcano right in the middle of the city, and, actually, in my neighborhood! And it’s beautiful. I’ll get some pictures up soon.


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