Papa Ryan

That’s my new pseudo-nickname at work, given by a co-worker when I was carrying 2 small little boys on each of my hips, and they both had their arms around my neck. Of course, I was about to strangle both of them, and immediately deposited them both in their respective rooms, but nonetheless, it would probably be a fairly striking moment for anyone that knows me.

Yesterday I babysat my 6-year-old nephew all day, because he was home sick from school, and both of his parents had to go to work. We played games all day; he taught me how to play one game, the name of which I don’t know, and I taught him how to play Battleship, which he quickly got bored with, and Monopoly, which I predicted he would get bored with, but he didn’t. He loved it. He doesn’t really know how to count money (except twenties, he understood them), and he had a lot of trouble with the concept of paying “rent” when he or I landed on properties the other of us owned, but other than that, he picked it up pretty quickly and literally played for hours.

My brother and his wife came home around 5, and I had dinner with them, then Cade (the nephew) and I resumed our game upstairs. He’s a bad loser, I’ll say that (only-child syndrome, perhaps?), but he cried when I left, and got mad at his mom and dad for “making” me leave at 8:30, after I’d been there almost 12 hours.

Tonight the 3 of them came over to my parents’ house for dinner, and Cade drew me a picture of the 2 of us playing Monopoly that said “I love Riyin” on it. He made it at school today, and couldn’t wait to give it to me. I’m babysitting him again tomorrow night. I can’t wait, actually.

I had lunch with an old junior high and high school friend today that I haven’t seen in at least 10 or 11 years. She lives just outside San Francisco now and wants me to come visit her and her husband, and have them take me to Yosemite. I might, actually, take her up on that offer at some point. Maybe next summer. I also started my Christmas shopping, finally.

It’s sort of amazing how un-relaxing I actually find having nothing to do to be. I’ve never been like that before, but I’m pretty much crawling up the walls here. I’ve also never, ever, ever, ever in my whole life missed my job when I was on vacation. I do now. It’s a weird feeling. I guess that means, in some cosmic sense, I’m doing what I should be doing.


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