I can’t stop eating my aunt’s cheesecake!

My uncle (my mom’s brother-in-law) is, like, half Native American, and he’s a therapist and owns a drug and alcohol clinic specializing in Native American clients in Oklahoma. Today at lunch we were talking about my job at the residential center, and he told me he used to manage 4 counties’ residential treatment centers for adolescents, so we talked about that for awhile and it was pretty interesting. Then my sister-in-law told me that when she graduated from college, she worked at Charter Vista (“If you don’t get help at Charter, please, get help somewhere.” Remember those commercials from the 80’s, before they were shut down?) for 6 months and absolutely hated it. Her degree was in Sociology and Psychology and she thought she was going to get her Master’s in Social Work, but after working at Charter, decided she didn’t want to. That’s too bad that she based that whole decision on one experience, but whatever. I guess if you don’t feel called to it, you don’t feel called to it.

Anyway, she worked with adolescents too, and she asked me today, about my job, “Do they ever threaten you with violence, because the kids I worked with threatened us all the time?”

I just laughed. I said I wished they only threatened violence. I had a teenage girl in a hold for over an hour one night last week, for instance, because she wouldn’t stop attacking me. I still have scabs on my hands from her fingernails making me bleed. And I got punched in the nose one day, among several other things.

Also, my aunt makes the most incredible homemade cheesecake. I’ve eaten 5 pieces of it today. And I just wiped the floor with both of my brothers at Risk, which is sort of ritualistic for us to play every time I’m home. I never win. Ever. Tonight I won big. And drank way too much Maker’s Mark. And just ate 2 more pieces of cheesecake. And played football today for the first time with my nephew, dad and brother.

I want kids so bad I can’t stand it. Last night I actually started looking at a web site that has profiles of kids up for adoption in Oregon. *Gulp.*


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