Diametric Opposition

Last week 4 members of the Westboro “God Hates Fags” Baptist Church protested in Silverton, Oregon, over the election of the nation’s very first transsexual mayor. But, apparently, they were grossly outnumbered and run out of town by Stu the Mayor’s supporters: (from OregonLive.com)

The counterprotesters were waiting across the two-lane street — men in skirts and boots, moms with babes in arm, lifelong Silverton residents alongside kids playing hooky from Salem schools. The crowd of about 150 waved and drummed and hugged. Their signs, homemade, hurriedly produced on office laser printers and painted on the back of campaign yard signs, focused on the positive. ‘My love is bigger than your hate,’ read one. ‘We love Stu (and so does God).’ ‘Everyone is welcome in Silverton.’ For nearly an hour, the two sides faced off in a tense demonstration of wills. The cool air was mostly quiet, except for passing pickups and school buses. One Kansas visitor mumbled a riff from Aerosmith’s hard rock ditty, ‘Dude looks like a lady.’ Another pointed a stone smile at boys who threw curses out the windows of passing cars. When the church members began to chant, a man beat a drum to drown them out.

It’s really nice sometimes to live in a state so completely opposite of the other 2 states I’ve lived in in my life.

Stu the Mayor

Stu the Mayor

And just for a little Thanksgiving fun, here’s a delicious picture of Neil Patrick Harris for your holiday table:


Happy Thanksgiving!


One response to “Diametric Opposition

  1. I got all excited when I saw that Neil Patrick Harris was the narrator of some audiobook I was shelving on Monday. It was funny cuz the reader bio drew attention to his theatre experience and then was like, “Oh, and he was on Doogie Howser and How I Met Your Mother.”

    Ten more days!

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