Apparently not enough of us have had our skulls bashed in yet


Mike Huckabee thinks gay people don’t deserve civil rights because, well, basically not enough violence has been inflicted upon us yet to have earned them. I can come up with a pretty quick list of names of people who might disagree with him, but they aren’t around anymore to do so. Anyway, he said so on The View yesterday:

People who are homosexuals should have every right in terms of their civil rights, to be employed, to do anything they want. But that’s not really the issue. I know you talked about it and I think you got into it a little bit early on. But when we’re talking about a redefinition of an institution, that’s different than individual civil rights. We’re never going to convince each other…But here is the difference. Bull Connor was hosing people down in the streets of Alabama. John Lewis got his skull cracked on the Selma bridge.

Apparently that fat tub of fuck just needs to see a little more bloodshed before he’s convinced. Nice guy.


2 responses to “Apparently not enough of us have had our skulls bashed in yet

  1. Oh my god, I can’t get enough of that hilarious picture of Mike Huckabee, his wife, son, daughter, dog, and pet walrus!

  2. I just can’t listen to the idiots anymore….Mike who?
    Hang in there, change really is coming.

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