Portland’s Prop 8 Protest

Collier and I decided to go downtown today to check out the Prop 8 protest, as part of the Nationwide Day of Protest going on in every state in the country, including over 300 cities. I would estimate that there were at least 1,000 people down there, but probably closer to 2,000. Openly gay mayor-elect Sam Adams gave a nice speech, and overall the crowd was very upbeat and jovial, with lots and lots of families, both gay and straight. That was really nice to see. One straight couple brought their 5 kids, and they all had signs. I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t a march, but as Mayor Adams said in his speech, there wasn’t time to get a permit. Well, fuck that, I thought, in true revolutionary spirit, we should have just marched anyway and shut down traffic on a busy Saturday downtown. But oh well. And naturally we forgot a camera, so I’m stealing some images I found off Flickr. Enjoy!









Portland's Mayor-elect Sam Adams.

Portland's Mayor-elect Sam Adams.


One response to “Portland’s Prop 8 Protest

  1. Thanks for posting these great pics! I’ve got a few pics from the San Francisco protest:

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