“I can feel his approach like a fire in the blood”

The other night at work somehow the staff got on the topic of Bonnie Tyler (I think one of the staff was singing “Total Eclipse of the Heart” or something, and an argument ensued about the proper wordage of the lyrics). When I mentioned that my personal favorite was “Holding Out For a Hero,” this dude asked me if I’d ever seen the video. I said no, I only really knew the song from Footloose, and the guy started freaking out about how incredible the video was. He tried to describe all the disparate elements to me, but eventually gave up and said I just had to see it. He did, however, do a fairly accurate representation of the chorus of females in white, flowing robes (what is it with BT and white, flowing robes….). So today I finally looked up the video, and I do have to say, it’s pretty much the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. It also reminds me a lot of Evil Dead II. Anyone who’s seen that movie will know what I’m talking about.

After that, this same guy and I started talking about the “Total Eclipse” video and how when we were both little, it scared us a little bit, and the guy with the bright eyes (turn around bright eyes) totally creeped us both out. It was a nice bonding moment with my co-workers.


One response to ““I can feel his approach like a fire in the blood”

  1. Yeah, what is it with Bonnie Tyler and white robes? I suspect they’re always flowing because her life is an emotional tempest, which could also be the root cause of her voluminous hair.

    “Wild Fantasies and White Robes: The Iconography of the Video Art of Bonnie Tyler.” An academic paper waiting to happen.

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