The stars at night are big and bright….

So I bit the bullet and registered to vote in Oregon this morning. I’ve been harping on and on since I got here about how important it is for me to vote for Obama in Texas, thus, I sent in an application for an absentee ballot. But that was almost 2 weeks ago, and I haven’t received the ballot yet, and today is the last day to register in Oregon, so I got really nervous and went ahead and registered (can you imagine if this was the one election where I didn’t vote??!?). There’s an Obama/Merkley campaign station about 6 blocks from my house (and in Portland, blocks are about half as long as they are everywhere else, so it’s really like 3 blocks from my house), so I walked down there this morning. When I told the guy why I hadn’t registered yet, he looked at me like I was crazy and gave me grief about “living in Oregon now,” and that I needed to vote here and get a driver’s license. Whatever. Either way, my vote won’t really count. Obama won’t win in Texas, and he’s definitely going to win Oregon, but I wanted my vote in Texas to be symbolic. You know things are bad for the Repugnicans when the Republican challenger to Merkley runs TV ads insisting that he’s really liberal, and associating himself with Ted Kennedy and co-signing the Matthew Shepard Act. But I guess you have to let some dreams go.

It is another bright, sunny day in Portland, Oregon today, with a crisp autumn chill in the air. The beach this weekend was cold, but sunny with the smell of burning fireplaces filling the entire tiny town of Manzanita. I took three walks on the beach and visited the town’s only tiny pub and the town’s only tiny grocery store. It was wonderful. My friend Alex took a bunch of pretty great pictures, and as soon as I have my hands on them, I’ll post them up. (I know, I really need to get my own camera; it’s getting pathetic.) Now I’m off to the library and then to a meeting with a classmate for a presentation we’re doing in our Human Development class next week. Ours is about gender identity disorder. Bet you can’t guess who’s idea that was….


3 responses to “The stars at night are big and bright….

  1. I was just thinking that this’ll be the first time I’ve ever voted in St. Louis, for anything. And after I do, St. Louis will still be in third place behind Kirksville and Austin. Weird.

  2. I registered in CO and I’m excited…I think it’s goin blue here…Sarah Palin in coming to Grand Junction on Monday…it’s sick and wrong but I kind of want to go and just see for myself, ya know?

  3. Go, Stacy, go! Apparently Obama is in St. Louis on Saturday morning and I found out after I agreed to work for someone. GRR.

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