How to make the Right go crazy

How about taking a bunch of first-graders to their teacher’s gay wedding? That’s exactly what a school in San Francisco did when it was suggested by a parent that the kids surprise their teacher on her wedding day. The haters, of course, are calling it “indoctrination.” Ha ha. Yes, we recruit.

The 18 Creative Arts Charter School students took a Muni bus and walked a block at noon to toss rose petals and blow bubbles on their just-married teacher Erin Carder and her wife Kerri McCoy, giggling and squealing as they mobbed their teacher with hugs.

Mayor Gavin Newsom, a friend of a friend, officiated.

A parent came up with the idea for the field trip – a surprise for the teacher on her wedding day.

“She’s such a dedicated teacher,” said the school’s interim director Liz Jaroslow.

The only thing that concerns me about this is the possibility of some sort of unintended consequence for the teacher, particularly since she didn’t invite the students. But I suppose considering that fact, along with a parent suggesting the idea, and the school facilitating it, she should be okay.

They are the future.


One response to “How to make the Right go crazy

  1. Considering it’s the Creative Arts Charter School, I bet that the population of families with students attending are probably pretty liberal and supportive.
    I used to teach at a preschool where about 5 out of our 30 families had gay parents and everyone was out to other parents and all of the children. It was a nice supportive environment. I hope those couples are able to get married at some point, but it’ll probably be a while in Florida.

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