Great minds and all that….

It astonishes me sometimes how much my oldest brother and I think alike these days, because we grew up as very, very different people. He’s 4 years older than I am, and in high school and college was a total jock/frat boy type. Having a kid 6 years ago ironically made him a lot more liberal and angry than conservative, which seems to be what happens to most people after they have kids (I mean, they become more conservative). He explained it to me one day by saying, “Before I had C., I never really cared about politics that much, and then after he was born I looked around at the world and what I wanted for him, and I was appalled.” Basically. It’s not a direct quote. So now he’s super active and obsessive about it, and in 2004, worked his ass off in Little Rock campaigning for Kerry, and being the president of his neighborhood’s democratic association or whatever it’s called.

Anyway, while IM’ing with him today about Palin, he said this:

J: she is all kinds of awesome! that almost has to be some kind of performance art, doesn’t it? I have started to cheer for the downfall of our society, just so I can enjoy it more. I halfway hope they win… that 2004 election seriously damaged my pscyhe and I don’t think i will ever recover all the way.

He makes me proud.


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