Life without AC

So far it hasn’t really bothered me, but tonight it is. For some reason, tonight my house is hot as shit, and there’s absolutely no breeze. Which would pose another problem anyway, in that I don’t particularly want to sleep with my windows open. Not because of any kind of safety concern (though that should probably have more weight than I give it, I’m just not worried about it), but because of the noise. It’s very peaceful at the moment, but my neighborhood has a LOT of pedestrian traffic during the day, especially in the morning, because there is a school just a couple blocks west of me. And in Portland, it’s true: people really do walk everywhere. Anything less than about 10 blocks away is not considered worthy of driving to. But the city is deliberately set up that way. It’s often called a city made up of 5 villages. And I, of course, live in the best village.

Saturday I took a very long bike-ride all over my “village,” at least a lot of the parts I hadn’t been to, composed primarily of Hawthorne Blvd, from 20th street, up until it basically ends at Mt. Tabor at 50th street. I love where I live because I live right off Division, which is loaded with all kinds of grocery stores, corner stores, theaters, video stores, coffee shops, some bars, restaurants, apartments. Then one block south you have Clinton Street, same deal. Then 4 blocks north of me is Hawthorne, then a couple blocks north of that is Belmont, then another block north of that is Burnside. All wonderful, exciting streets that are all basically their own little neighborhoods.

Yesterday I took a 3-hour bike ride in the opposite direction (south), then back northeast to the river, where I did the 4-mile stretch of the Springwater Corridor Trail that goes through the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, a 163-acre spread of protected woods and wetlands right in the middle of the city. The trail (that portion of it) ends in Sellwood (right when you get to the Oaks Park amusement park!). I came back and rode up through Milwaukie, and then back home.

I feel a sense of urgency to soak up as much sunshine and 90-degree weather as I can get, while I can still get it and enjoy it. But tonight, it’s fucking hot.


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