The lights go dark across the trailer park

Pardon my screeching yesterday. You know, it was one of those days. And every time I see Sarah Palin’s face I’m filled with uncontrollable rage. To the degree that I can’t actually read much of the news anymore.

So sorry about the ranting. I’m not sorry about what I said: I still think the Republicans are cretinous trash, but, you know, perhaps I should be less emotional about it.

So I came home and listened to Wig in a Box like, 4 times in a row, loudly, and danced in my tiny kitchen, and I felt better. No matter what, that song always makes me happy again.

By the way, I totally rock that song at karaoke. Tom, you have any pictures of that?


One response to “The lights go dark across the trailer park

  1. I don’t have any pictures of you singing “Wig in a Box.” Sorry. I think I was too busy singing along and having fun. But I can attest that you do, indeed, “rock that song.”

    The StL Post-Dispatch ran Saturday’s NYT article about The Wolf-Shooting Harpy and her history in Alaskan politics, albeit abridged. It’s a good read, even in shortened form. Not that the sheep will read it, of course, but at least it’s out there. Maybe the media can run with it. Oh, wait…

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