When I called an internet provider last Saturday to get some service in my new Portland apartment, I almost had a heart attack when he told me it wouldn’t be until the following Sunday (as in, 8 days!) until they could get someone out to hook it up. 8 days without the internet? It would be tough, but I would try to persevere.

I will admit, it has been difficult. In the process of withdrawal, I’ve found a neighborhood coffee shop I can walk to that’s very comfortable, airy, bright, and not too crowded or noisy. I’ve realized in the process, though, how much I rely on the internet to simply make me feel connected to the world. I didn’t check my email or read any news at all this past Sunday or Monday, and when I finally got to sit down and do those things yesterday morning, it was like getting the fix injected into my arm. I suddenly felt more comfortable, less alone, in touch with the world, even though all I’ve been doing for 3 days is running around and seeing the city and shopping and being outside in the absolute perfect, cloudless, 85-degree weather that is late summer in Portland. I had no idea what was going on in the world. There could have been a bomb dropped on Washington and I probably wouldn’t have known it. Though, admittedly, it was nice not to have to see or hear anything about fucking Sarah Palin and her political prop, I mean, Down’s Syndrome baby for 2 days. I think Palin is my new Least Favorite Person in the World.

But I digress. Today I am shopping for a bicycle and going to the farmer’s market at the co-op in my neighborhood. It’s another cloudless day, and our beautiful house is finally really coming together and starting to feel like a home. Tomorrow I have an interview at the Sexual Minority Youth Resource Center, to possibly work as a trainer in their Bridge 13 program.

Life is good. I’m happy here.


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  1. Yay!!!!!!!!!



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