I got invited to a rave tonight

but I didn’t go. It was under a bridge downtown in some warehouse or something. Jody and I went and checked out my neighborhood tonight, and I was impressed. Literally within about 4 blocks of my house I have the New Seasons Market, which, for all you Austinites, is just like Wheatsville, except about three times the size, though also very expensive; the People’s Co-op; two different farmer’s markets at least twice a week; the biggest video store in the city, the Clinton Street Video Store; the Clinton Street Theater; and myriad coffee shops and restaurants, including some great-looking lunch (and vegetarian) cafes. Jody and I had a little sitdown at a great Italian place right around the corner from my place and had a lovely dinner. And everything served at the restaurant is homemade and/or local. And I figured out which bus I’ll be taking to school, and it gets me there in just under 15 minutes.


We had a very long day walking around downtown, visiting Powell’s (which, I have to say, impressed me with its size, but wasn’t cozy at all, unfortunately, and I didn’t love being in there), finding other, smaller, weirder bookstores, having coffee and pastries, and getting lost and then finding our way again.

On the MAX back to Forest Grove, the people were all packed in like sardines. We stood next to 2 suburban families who had brought their daughters into the city to see Phantom of the Opera, which is having a limited performance at some theater downtown, and we eavesdropped on them the whole way. The daughters were firecrackers, and the moms talked about cooking (everyone here talks about food all the time!), while Jody and I shared smiles across the crowded car. Eventually we made it home and drank a whole bottle of wine while sitting on Jody’s porch talking.

Tomorrow we’re taking it easy and renting some horror films and staying in all day watching them and eating.

And now, Littlejeans and I are going to bed.


3 responses to “I got invited to a rave tonight

  1. FYI: New Seasons is NOT like Wheatsville. It is a Wild Oats store which is now owned by Whole Foods.

  2. It’s not Wild Oats. NS is locally owned, and, as you said, WO is owned by Whole Foods. It felt like Wheatsville to me. Even smelled like it. Nonetheless, it was very expensive, so I probably won’t be shopping there a whole lot anyway.

  3. Hey, peoples co-op is cool….as I remember…
    I completely agree with you about Powell’s, it’s big but it feels like a book hospital…

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