This past weekend has been a weekend of “lasts.”  The last time I’ll see certain people (for awhile); the last time I’ll go to the gym, the last time I’ll drive down a certain road, or eat at a certain restaurant.  It’s a strange feeling, but not necessarily an unfamiliar one.  It is, however, the first time I’ll leave a place and actually be pretty sad about it.  In the past when I’ve moved of course I’ve missed people, but generally not the places so much.  In this case, it will be both.

But it’s all good.  There is so much waiting for me out West.  A chance to hit the “reboot” button.  (If only particular things did, actually, reboot….)  It’s appropriate, I think, that the last few days have been rainy and gray after such a miserable summer.  I like to think it’s Austin either being sad about my exit or Austin trying to bargain with me to stay by saying, “See, look, it can be gray and rainy and cool here, too!”  Probably not, but that’s what I like to think.

Changes are afoot.  My cat is freaked out.  All my stuff is gone, one of other roommates has moved out, and another person has starting moving stuff in.  Today I got her some sedatives from the vet for the traveling that I have to try to shove down her throat.  She’s a horrible patient.  And she hates traveling.  I wonder how she’s going to enjoy a 6-hour flight, then an hour-long train and bus ride once I arrive.  I guess we’ll see.

I love you, Austin!  This is my last full day here.  I’m closing in on my last 24 hours.


One response to “Lasts

  1. Nothing makes me squeal with glee quite like a Muppet reference.

    I also like that picture.

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